The Center for Research and Development of the IUM (CIDIUM) is responsible for:

  • Promote or participate, in collaboration with other institutions of the national or international scientific community, in carrying out ID & I projects and in disseminating scientific knowledge, especially in areas of interest to national security and defense;
  • To support research, development and innovation activities in postgraduate studies;
  • To ensure the coordination and articulation between the ID & I centers of the autonomous organizational units, with a view to developing lines of research in the areas of fundamental interest for security and national defense, enhancing their specific characteristics in the pursuit of IUM interest areas, Armed Forces and the GNR;
  • To promote, in articulation with the R & D centers of the autonomous organic units, R & D activities aimed at scientific production, methodological training of students, qualification of teaching staff, search for new pedagogical solutions, improvement of teaching in general and Development in areas of special interest for security and defense.