Curriculum Vitae 

Major General (MGen) José António Coelho Rebelo was born in Lamego, is 57 years old and has 39 years of active duty, He was promoted to his current rank on the 12nd of November of 2019.

Has completed the normal career courses, the Staff Course and the Flag Officer Course. Additionally, among others, he also completed the Parachutist Course (civilian), Combat Arms Signals Course, Irregular Operations Course, Mountaineering Course, Special Operations Course, Commandos Course, NATO Staff Officers Orientation Course and the ISAF Commander’s Intelligence Operations at the NATO School, in Germany, as well as the National Defence Course in 2010/2011.

Throughout his career, he has served in several units and Headquarters of the Portuguese Army, namely the Training Centre for Special Operations, the 13th Infantry Regiment, the Army Personnel Command and the Madeira Military District. As a Colonel, he commanded the 19th Infantry Regiment and was Head of the Cabinet and Chief of Staff of the Lieutenant-General Adjutant-General of the Army. As a Colonel (promotable) was appointed as Deputy Commander of the Intervention Brigade, position that he held until the 22nd of February of 2016. From the 23rd of February till the 3rd of October of 2016 he was named as acting Commander of the Intervention Brigade. From the 6th of October of 2016 till the 1st of October of 2017, and still as a Colonel, he acted as Chief of the Division of Cooperation, Operations, Intelligence and Security of the Portuguese Army Headquarters. He was appointed as Deputy Commander of the Rapid Reaction Brigade, and acting Commander, from the 2nd of October till the 3rd of December of 2017.

From December 2017 until December 2019, as Brigadier General, he became the Rapid Reaction Brigade Commander.

He is the Postgraduate Studies Department Director of the Military University Institute since 04 December 2019.

In the international front, MGen Rebelo, among other postings, has held the position of Chief of Section of Operational Procedures in the Operations Division of the Headquarters of the Rapid Operational Euro Force (EUROFOR) in Florence, Italy, having participated, in 2003, in Operation CONCORDIA, that took place in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). In Afghanistan, in ISAF, he acted as Commander of the Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (OMLT) for the Kabul Capital Division (KCD), as part of the 3rd Portuguese National Contingent.

MGen José Rebelo has on his record sheet several awards and decorations such as three Medals for Distinguished Service (Silver), Military Merit (1st, 2nd and 3rd Class), Dom Afonso Henriques-Patron of the Army (1st and 2nd Class), Exemplary Behaviour (Gold and Silver), two Special Services Commemoration Medals, European Union-Operation Concordia Medal and the NATO-ISAF Medal.