The Field Grade Officers Course – Army (CPOS) supports the training of Army Captains providing them with the skills and military technical expertise needed to perform functions as senior officers.


The Field Grade Officers Course – Army comprises 17 curricular units in various scientific areas organized around two training components – a specific training component attended by Army students only, a common and joint training component taught jointly to all students of the Field Grade Officers Course – CPOS (Navy, Army, Air Force and Guarda Nacional Republicana (National Republican Guard). 

The course is organized in accordance with the European Credits Trading System (ECTS). The total number of credits required to complete the course is 60 ECTS (32 ECTS allocated to the specific Army training component and 28 ECTS allocated to the common and joint component).

Study Plan overview

Course UnitsScientific AreaTypeWorkload (hours)CreditsRemarks
Introduction to Resource ManagementMSSemester87,53093,5CJFC
Communication and LeadershipMSSemester62,53262,5
Logistics and Operations ResearchMSSemester753063
Military OrganizationMSSemester50322
Portuguese Military HistoryMilSSemester50282
Military StrategyMilSSemester1505946
Fundamentals of Public International LawLSSemester25121
Military Operations FrameworkMilSSemester150234646
Operations PlanningMilSSemester50372
Land Operations DoctrineMilSSemester75463
Staff Procedures - ArmyMilSSemester87,532163,5
Brigade Defensive OperationsMilSSemester112,51574,5
Brigade Offensive OperationMilSSemester112,51574,5
Brigade Stability OperationsMilSSemester112,51574,5SFC
Small Units Tactics / Service’s Employment and OperationMilSSemester125825
Planning and Conduct of Tactical Exercises (CPX-CAX)MilSSemester754323
Functional AreasMilSSemester100222438114

Legend: T – Theory; TP – Theory and Practise; PL – Practise and Laboratory ; TC – Fieldwork ; S – Seminar ; E – Stage ; OT – Tutorial Guidance ; O – Other


The duration of the course is one curricular year, approximately 36 weeks including school holidays, in daytime and on an exclusive basis.


The Field Grade Officers Course – Army Diploma (Post-graduation in Land Military Sciences) is awarded to students who have completed the course successfully;

This Course is a special condition for promotion to the rank of Major;

The Field Grade Officers Course – Army, being a part of the career-long training process, is compatible with the general rules of structure and curriculum evaluation practiced in study levels within the higher military studies without, in itself, conferring an academic degree. Nevertheless the Course makes it possible to carry out further studies in the the Security and Defence field of studies.


The Field Grade Officers Course – Navy may be attended, on an exclusive basis, by appointed officers of the Permanent Army Boards with the rank of Captain;

The course may be attended by officers of similar ranks from friendly countries, under a superiorly defined access regime.