The Planning and Programming Office (GPP) operates under the orders of the Director of Education, with the purpose of ensuring the planning and programming of the Institutes’ courses and intership programs and performing academic administrative duties. Furthermore, the office ensures the carrying out of studies, the drafting of proposals, the following of the relations with external organizations and the keeping of education-related files and records.

The Planning and Programming Office is specifically responsible for:

  • Preparing the academic activities plan for each academic year and promote its approval in coordination with the Institute’s action plan;
  • Drafting the school activities’ calendars and schedules and ensure their dissemination;
  • Cooperating in the planning of teaching staff needs and prepare their nomination and exoneration processes;
  • Cooperating in the preparation of council bodies’ meetings and ensure support to their secretaries;
  • Collecting, organizing and disseminating students´ grades;
  • Ensuring support to academic activities and keeping academic files and records;
  • Accompanying the Institute’s relations with external organizations;
  • Cooperating with the Chief of Staff to the Director in the promotion of Institute’s academic activities;
  • Safeguarding the operation of infrastructures, equipment and materials necessary to the academic activities.

The GPP includes the following sections:

  • Administrative services and General Archive;
  • Studies and Planning;
  • School Management and Programming;
  • Academic Secretariat.

The GPP is headed by a Captain (Navy) or Colonel appointed in a rotation regime by the Armed Forces Service branches for two-year periods.