Department of Administrative and Logistic Support



a. The Instituto de Estudos Superiores Militares (IESM) - Institute of Military Higher Studies, created by the Decree-Law No. 161/2005 of September 22, which replaces the Instituto Superior Naval de Guerra (Naval School of War), the Instituto de Altos Estudos Militares (Institute for Advanced Military Studies) and the Instituto de Altos Estudos da Força Aérea (Institute for Advanced Studies of the Air Force), is a Public Higher Military Education Institution, and is directly under the Chief of General Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces and is regulated by specific legislation.

b. In accordance with Article 14, paragraph 2, of the Statute, it is for the Support Group:

“To ensure the normal operation of all logistical, administrative and financial activities of IESM, ensuring the efficiency of the service and the readiness of available resources.”

c. The Support Group comprises the following services:

1) Administrative Support Services and Central Secretariat;
2) Financial Services;
3) Information  and Communications Systems Services; 
4) General Support Services.





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