Journal of Military Sciences

Editorial Policy

Is a digital format journal, published twice a year, with limited printing, of the Portuguese War College. It aims, in the field of Military Sciences, to look at issues of security and defence in general and strategy, operations and administration of Armed Forces and National Republican Guard in particular, both nationally and internationally. Special emphasis will be placed on core elements of Military Sciences, such as:  Study of Armed Conflict; Military Operations; Human Behaviour; Military Techniques and Technologies. It also is a forum of reflection, debate and dissemination of academic, scientific and research production carried out at IUM, through submission of subjects and articles of relevant quality, interest and opportunity.

The decision to publish the suggested scientific papers is responsibility of IUM Commander, under proposal of the Editorial Direction, and depending of a favorable opinion of two external reviewers, under double-blind review. Then, papers can be:

  • Accepted without amendments.
  • Accepted after modifications suggested by the reviewers.
  • Refused

The Editorial Direction reserves the right to promote and publish interviews, debates, reflections and to include review papers, case studies, reviews and conclusions of seminars or workshops, related to the Journal’s thematic field, not being these contributions subject to evaluation of external reviewers.