IUM/IESM Notebooks

Editorial Policy


The IESM books have as main objective to disseminate the results of research carried out / under the auspices IESM, alone or in partnership.The publication does not have a defined periodicity. However, to be published at least six numbers annually. The themes should be in line with the priority lines of research CISDI. Should be published in print and electronically on the website of IESM. Are regarded as the object of the publication of IESM books :

  • Research of CISDI investigators or other domestic or foreign researchers who are outside the scope of Military Science, Security and International and National Defence;
  • Work of individual research or group of recognized quality, made ​​by students, in particular by the auditors of the Course for Promotion to the rank of General (CPOG) and the students of the Joint Staff (CEMC), which have been listed for publication;
  • Papers, essays and articles produced by the faculty of reflection;
  • Communications of CISDI researchers made ​​in scientific events (eg, seminars, conferences, workshops, panels, roundtables), national or international level, in Portugal or abroad.