The Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences is a scholarly/scientific journal, indexed by SciELO – Scientific Electronic Library Online, that publishes studies by Portuguese and foreign authors aimed at national and international audiences.

Its scope being the field of Military Science, the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences deals with Security and Defence issues, especially with the Strategy, Operations, and Administration of the Portuguese Armed Forces and the Guarda Nacional Republicana, both at home and abroad. It is also a forum where the academic, scientific, and research work carried out at the Military University Institute (IUM) can be reflected on, discussed, and disseminated by highlighting relevant, interesting, and timely themes and articles.

The IUM Commander is responsible for the decision to publish the scientific articles submitted to the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences at the proposal of the Editorial Board, after the articles have been checked for discrepancies using an automated software and once they have been approved by at least two external “referees” (peer review) in a double-blind system. The articles can receive an evaluation of: “Accepted in its current form”; “Accepted after some revision”; “Should not be published”.

Call for papers

IUM and its Research and Development Centre (CIDIUM) inform all interested parties to submit their papers to the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences that the papers must be conform to the checklist rules above. Submissions that do not comply with these rules will be returned to the authors.

  • Submission of articles. Must be submitted  electronically to revistadecienciasmilitares@ium.pt . Only after the reception is confirmed by the Editorial team should the authors consider the good reception of the article;
  • Forms to be filled. In the above email, the above two forms must be attached, duly completed:
    • Declaration of originality (confirming the fact that the article was not previously published) (form to fill).
  • Author guidelines. The text of the article must be organized in accordance with the standards presented in “IUM Author Guidelines”, published in IUM Actuality, No. 7 (3rd editon, revised and updated; 2020);
  • Deadlines for submission:
    • February 28/29, for the May number;
    • August 31, for the November number.