The Joint Staff Course (CEMC) aims to qualify senior officers from the Armed Forces and National Republican Guard (Guarda Nacional Republicana) with an advanced education in the employment of military forces at the operational and strategic levels, namely within national and international Joint Staffs, the Armed Forces, high echelons of National Defence, as well as within national and international organizations.


The Joint Staff Course is intended to provide advanced preparation in Military Sciences, specifically in three main focus areas:

The update of the strategic thinking in a context of complex and diffuse international relationships, in order to outline the national strategic planning;

The management of resources allocated to national security and defence in a perspective of its optimized employment;

The planning and operational management with regard to programming, preparation and employment of military forces and capabilities in combined and joint operations, in an integrated approach to other instruments of national power.


The Joint Staff Course set comprises 17 course units in five scientific areas: Military Operations, Study of Crisis and Armed Conflicts, Human Behavior in Military Context, Policy Sciences and Management Sciences.

The course is organized in accordance with the European Credits Trading System (ECTS). The total number of ECTS required to complete the course is 60.

Study plan overview:

Course UnitsScientific AreaTypeWorkload (hours)ECTS Remarks
Management of OrganizationsGCSemester501814421st  Sem
Resources ManagementGCSemester100742742831241st  Sem
Command and LeadershipCHCMSemester7530884 1931st Sem
Communication and Public AffairsCHCMSemester5034620 4421st Sem
Public International LawCPSemester50202021st Sem
GeopoliticsCPSemester75301812 31st Sem
International ContextECCASemester753032731st Sem
War and PeaceECCASemester75262631st Sem
20th Century Military HistoryECCASemester502315821st Sem
Strategic PlanningECCASemester75281061232nd Sem
Strategic StudiesECCASemester50202 1822nd Sem
Operations Policy FrameworkOMSemester7529187432nd Sem
Operations Planning and Operational ArtOMSemester2007456982nd Sem
National Operations PlanningOMSemester15064520 3962nd Sem
Operational ManagementOMSemester7511232nd Sem
Planning and Handling of ExercisesOMSemester502561922nd Sem
Trabalho Course Assignment (FCA)SeveralAnnual22510412 1220609Annual

Legend: T – Theory; TP – Theory and Practise Education; PL – Practise and Laboratory ; TC – Fieldwork ; S – Seminar ; E – Stage ; OT – Tutorial Guidance ; O – Other


The course duration is one academic year, approximately 39 weeks including school holidays, in daytime and on an exclusive basis.


Upon completion of the course, a Postgraduate Diploma in Military Science – Security and Defense is granted to students who successfully conclude all syllabus units, achieving a total of 60 ECTS credits.


Candidate profiles:

The Joint Staff Course is directed primarily to senior officers of the Armed Forces and Guarda Nacional Republicana (National Republican Guard) who demonstrate high potential, proven by the performance of functions or positions throughout his/her career and appointed by the Chief of their Service Branch;

The course may be attended by officers of friendly countries of similar ranks under superiorly defined access regime.