The Joint Operations Education Area provides training to the permanent staff officers of the Armed Forces and of the Guarda Nacional Republicana (National Republican Guard) who attend the Institute’s courses, on concepts inherent to the planning and conduction of military operations and exercises, both at operational and military-strategic levels, in accordance with the typology of military operations and in a joint and/or combined environment.

Main Duties

Develop student’s knowledge of Joint and Combined Operations;

Practice military-strategic and operational levels planning by applying the operations planning process;

Plan, schedule and coordinate the carrying out of exercises up to a Joint and Combined Task Force (Combined Joint Task Force -CJTF) level, particularly the Combined Joint European Exercise (CJEX) that involves counterparts from Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden;

Remain up to date with regard to concepts, structures and employment of national forces, NATO, EU and others;

Participate in military-technical cooperation activities within this area of education, particularly in the War College of Angola (Escola Superior de Guerra), in the Higher Military Institute (Instituto Superior Militar), in Mozambique, and in East Timor´s Institute of National Defense;

Prepare and update publications within the range of issues under its responsibility.