Resulting from the Institute for Higher Military Studies’ Mission, the Management Education Area’s purpose is to provide training for Permanent Mission Boards Officers of the Armed Forces and of the Guarda Nacional Republicana (National Republican Guard) in the scientific, technical and doctrinal levels, within the scope of Public Management and Administration, Logistics and Research Operating, Communication and Leadership and Organization and Administrative Law.

Main duties

The Management Education Area works under the coordination of the Department of Education with the following duties:

  • Design and plan the development of course units under its responsibility;
  • Lead the teaching/ learning process by developing the contents related to the subjects under its supervision;
  • Plan, prepare, organize and monitor internships, conferences, exhibitions, study visits and tours organized within the scope of the curricula;
  • Organize and coordinate seminars in the context of this Education Area, on topics of known interest and current affairs, to be occasionally co-organized in collaboration with other education institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other military and civilian institutions;
  • Stimulate research activities by teachers of this area of Education, especially the ones focusing the application of subjects studied within the field of Security and Defense;
  • Establish technical cooperation relations with counterpart institutions, especially with Portuguese-speaking Countries’ schools.