2nd Edition Advanced Course in Military Land Planning 2019

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The Military University Institute conducted between 6th and 31st May 2019, the second edition of the Advanced Land Operations Planning Course, with the aim to expand the knowledge necessary to plan and employ land forces.

This training sought to develop critical and creative thinking in the planning of land forces, as well the ability to analyze, synthesize and argue through the application of methodologies focused on discussion and debate.
The course was preceded by an individual preparation made using e-learning methodology in order to update fundamental doctrinal knowledge. During the course, the students developed knowledge about land operations doctrine, applied the Military Decision Process to deal with a tactical situation and participated in conferences related to the strategic planning conducted in the Portuguese Army. Included in the program of the course an International Seminar about Mission Command in the 21st century was held in order to identify and discuss main implications to land forces.

Course Director: Lieutenant-Colonel Cavalry, Luis Filipe Quinteiros Morais
Email: morais.lfq@ium.pt

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