JOINT MINDSET 2019 Exercise

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Between February 22 nd and March 20th, the JOINT MINDSET 19 (JMS19) exercise was conducted had the collaboration of the Diplomatic Institute and the Portuguese Training Center for Journalists.

The JMS19 exercise, responsibility of the Joint Operations Department and integrated for the Operations Planning and Operational Art and also in the Operational Management Subjects, had the following objectives:
– Train military advisors to the elements of political power;
– Train operations planning at strategic-military and operational levels;
– Execute the Operational Management of an operation;
– To exercise contact with the Media in the course of a crisis response operation.

The exercise took place on the premises of the Army’s Constructive Simulation and Command Positions Nucleus, based on Military University Institute and comprised five distinct phases, namely, at the political level, at the strategic-military planning, at the operational planning, at the operational management, culminating in its assessment.
The Military University Institute has been executing this exercise since 2007, in which hundreds of Senior Officers exercise their ability to plan operations on a joint basis at strategic and operational level, in a multinational environment, therefore constitutes a key element in the preparation of Senior Officers currently attending the Joint Staff Course.

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